FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?

Complete the Safe Driving Diversion Course within 14 days of the issued citation date in order to have your traffic citation dismissed. Just registering does not qualify, you need to complete the course entirely.

I completed the course. Now what?

Once you have completed the course, there is nothing else you need to do. Oregon Impact sends reports to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office every Friday that includes all the participants for the week. Your traffic citation will be dismissed.

I registered but did not complete the course in the allotted 14 days time frame.

You have not completed your required diversion and will have to either pay your original citation fee or appear in court. Please call Oregon Impact 503.303.4954 or send an email to katie@oregonimpact.org for a refund towards the diversion you did not complete. Your citation and court appointment information can be found on your citation or by contacting Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

I completed the diversion course but still received a notice from the court.

Please contact Oregon Impact to verify that your information was sent and received by the appropriate parties.

I cannot pay for my diversion course.

The diversion course was established to lessen the financial burden of a full-fledged traffic citation while providing safe driving education. If the $50 course fee cannot be met, we suggest attending your scheduled court appointment. Oregon Impact does not offer payment assistance.

Where does my $50 course payment go?

Oregon Impact is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to expand efforts on increasing safe driving. It is our goal to save lives through preventative education. The funds accrued through the Safe Driving Diversion Course go back into school and community education.